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Look What I Made: Spaghetti with avocado cream, almonds, and thyme


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I didn't think anyone in my family was interested in any of the weirder stuff* I cook. While I was looking around for recipes to try while I'm at my parents' house, I came across this recipe for what I've been calling avocado spaghetti. I thought it sounded interesting, and like it might be a nice, summery alternative to heavier spaghetti sauce.
My parents weren't too interested, however. Amazingly, my younger brother agreed to give it a try. Since it was just the two of us for dinner tonight, I went for it.
Since the website is in Italian, and GoogleTranslate can only do so much, I made a few guesses on the preparation. For instance, I toasted my almonds in the toaster oven, since I have no idea what pentolino refers to.
Gaps in translation aside, this was incredibly easy to assemble. I toasted the almonds and mashed up the avocado cream while waiting for the water to boil. It took me maybe 10 minutes to do all of that.
In terms of flavor, it was about what I expected. The flavor of the avocado is dominant, with hints of thyme. Running across little toasted almonds is pretty delightful, but it is apparently just as good without. My brother skipped them on his and he loved it.
The bread in the picture is a three-cheese foccacia from the local grocery store bakery. I can't stop eating it.

*includes curry, pesto, and anything with avocados.


Interesting! As an aside, I love the translated comments in the recipe, especially "nn I love avocado but this dish looks inviting tech, ultra! intangible kisses" and "And you did badly, not to remind you that idea, because the avocado is perfect as a condiment. :-) I miss this version and intrigues me even more.Not to mention the hunger that make me your photos: which, to one that is already the third breakfast amounts to a mega compliment. But mega mega mega"

I'd like to try it soon, as I have an avocado which needs to be used asap. I don't have any fresh thyme at the moment. Is there another herb you'd recommend?

Maryam, I've been thinking a lot about what other herbs I'd use in this, since I currently don't have any thyme on hand. I do have poultry seasoning, which might work as its very thyme-heavy. Otherwise, I've been considering pasta sprinkle, which is a basil-oregano-garlic blend that seems pretty multi purpose.

I ended up making it with basil, garlic and black and white pepper. I skipped the almonds, and the garlic was half pressed and mixed in smooth with the avocado, and half in small chunks. I had a second plate of it just like the first, but I added tomatoes. Both were very good, though I imagine quite different from the original recipe. I'll have to give it a try following the recipe exactly sometime.

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